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A novel in the Romantic Suspense category.  I completed the first draft in just slightly over one month.  Available on the Kindle for only $0.99.


Running from a past that continues to haunt her, Selene hopes to make a fresh start when her only confidant, her twin sister, leaves without warning.

Taking a gamble, Selene boards a bus for Pittsburgh and is taken by surprise when she meets Mitch Sanders, the Police Lieutenant there. Even though Mitch has the ability to push her buttons, she can’t deny the spark that exists between them. Just as Selene begins to let her guard down, her world is turned upside down when her sister shows up in town and threatens to unravel everything she has built in a deadly cat and mouse game with the Mafia. Can Selene stop her sister before it’s too late, but even more importantly, should she?

RESILIENT is a New Adult (NA) Contemporary Romance about a woman finding herself after years of trying to recover from an abusive past. It is recommended for mature audiences due to mild language, sexual content, violence and reference to alcohol and illicit drugs.

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Reckoning (currently being drafted)

A sequel to my first self published novel, Resilient, due to some much needed feedback from my readers.

Glass Lake

A short story in the Young Adult (YA) Romance Fantasy category.  Available on the Kindle and now only $0.99.


Gray Dawson thought her future bleak when her mother picked up and left the only place she had ever called home to move to the small town of Goodnight, Missouri.

When she meets Jayden, a boy that appears too good to be true, she lets go of her small town bigotry and focuses on what really matters. The question is, what will she give up to know what the future holds?

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The Chosen (currently being drafted)

I believe this will end up being a trilogy, but am only working on books one and two presently. This work would be considered Young Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy.  I have worked on this project off and on for the past few years and have formed a relationship of sorts with the characters. The following are the log lines for the first two stories in the series.

The Chosen:  The Doorway

Alexis and her companions are half a world away from the Chosen and the crusade they have enacted against fellow Christians. From their sleepy home of Bethel, they never quite realized the extent of the Chosen's power.

One night everything changes when their own home becomes the battlefield.  If they are to have any chance at survival, they realize that standing on the sidelines is no longer an option.

Though the outlook is dim, they quickly find that God has not abandoned them and begin to discover they have powers of their own.  They join together to form an elite group of fighters known as the Disciples, but will one of their own betray them and threaten to tear them apart?

The Chosen:  The Prophecy

Alexis finds herself in New Hebron, a metropolis where the Chosen rule with an iron fist.  With no knowledge of her past other than her name and her deep-seated Christian beliefs, she allies with Parker, the doctor who found her, and Josie, a young girl who comes from a similar upbringing.  Alexis resigns herself to the fact that she must carry out the remainder of her days in New Hebron or face certain death.

When she meets Cree, she is surprised to find that he is not the average recruit and he shows her that she is far from ordinary.  With the realization that there are others like her on the outside, she makes a bold move to save Josie, but decides to stay behind with the only man she has ever loved.

When the Chosen force her hand, Alexis realizes that everything happens for a reason.  She embarks on a journey where she not only discovers who she really is, but she finds out that not everything is as it seems.